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Design inspired Dress shoes from the original simple palette

Le 24 June 2015, 03:15 dans Humeurs 0

For girls, in winter, in addition to beautiful fashion, warmth is essential, Rabu our fall/winter season high top sneakers, selection of plush Leopard PU tie volumes, both a good warm-keeping function, not only consolidated results be color material. Rustic how to become taller textured embossed cloth reflects the needs across the winter touch, wide Velcro, enhances the sense of style, was favored by many children sports fan!
SLIPPER tend to the natural flow of the ink and CHUKKA is a camouflage pattern of the rule, these shoes are on a white base color, color Camo pattern on the tie to be very fresh. Miami Del Toro the popular footwear brands gives us a new version of Alto Chukka Sneaker. Designers in this classic silhouette first horse with white hairs covered with wave design in black uniform blanket, creating a great impact visual perception. Details of the Red heel, leather, leather shoes and dark blue for the shoes at the end of grace. Likes the shoes friends can log on to Del Toro's official website.
Spring/summer 2015, Lacoste Essential Design inspired Dress shoes from the original simple palette. A crowd wearing Adidas NEO Label young people playing on the roof, Angelababy and Peng to build a new fan! Simple black canvas shoes Combined urban sneakers CNY 299.00 casual shoe comfort comes from people's feet and body Physiology and functional requirements and feelings. Through experiments, the composition factors of influencing comfort casual shoes fit, foot sex, permeability, moisture absorption, flexibility, shock absorption and blocked, pressure dispersion and friction, and so on. Each of these comfort factor is more important which one depends on the wearer and the requirements to be, and some of these factors are mutually interdependent and affect each other.

abrupt manner indicating the individual signature of Yohji Yamamoto

Le 24 June 2015, 03:15 dans Humeurs 0

Pure vulgarity: sports women's casual shoes with red, Orange, pink, white, Gold River, highlighting the beautiful at the same time, the more pure coarse temperament.

Early leisure shoes category make one taller shoes and style are more single, main is for people out walking or shopping, activities, but with people leisure concept and activities of constantly development and rich, leisure shoes of category and function also increasingly diverse and rich, except traditional daily leisure shoes outside, now and extends out for outdoor general sports activities of movement leisure shoes, for in official occasions and are loaded clothing phase match wear for the of are loaded leisure shoes, can meet young publicity personality, and performance self of avant-garde leisure shoes, and has various special function of leisure shoes,.
Elegant style everyday casual shoe color  Lifting shoes design elements from the current domestic elegance daily leisure shoe market, the color is far from playing its proper role, showed a color using relatively monotonous, spent the second color block to break through three different brands of casual shoes lack their own stylized performance of color.
Shoelace holes marked with the somewhat abrupt manner indicating the individual signature of Yohji Yamamoto; soles like a Yohji Boost, carrying the feedback has the highest energy efficiency Boost of cushioning outsole, stylish comfort of motor function.

who knee loose shirt and skirt black leather clutch bag

Le 24 June 2015, 03:15 dans Humeurs 0

Simple wild line design trends change. Canvas upper with tie TOMS classic front-toe design, v-shaped flared wears TOMS classic leather, insole ensure Comfortable shoes  comfortable stereo arching LaTeX footbed provides extra support, forming one of the blended rubber outsole, with good ductility and durability, with beautiful flower designs, random collocation can find their own fashion.
Miami artist Johnny Robles Del Toro recently and launched a series of joint, and shops in Miami put on a theme of new look.
France high-end fashion label Givenchy has recently released a set of new shoes in spring 2014.
France Saint Laurent high-end fashion brands  durable shoes recently for the 2013 winter quarter brings a new series of Court Classic Sneakers.

Dr. Martens brand itself with punk, rock and roll has a close association has been, it is a favorite of rock and roll youth. Therefore, cool, handsome world's best new course per quarter is required! 2014 spring/summer, Dr. Martens Reinvented punk series will be the wind to the end. Pegasus graffiti stars, personalized rivets, steel head "appearance", presenting punk, roCKer pursuit of liberalism.
Match the model: who knee loose shirt and skirt, black leather clutch bag, and a pair of pink high-top sneakers, who said the campaign wind cannot reflect the intellectual beauty?

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